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  • PC Gaming

    Discuss all your PC game issues including those addictive online battles

  • Call Of Duty HQ

    This is the all new DF Call of Duty section. You will Discuss Call of Duty games, learn how to glitch and how to rank up. Also there will be team discussions. You will find most gamers in this section use the Xbox 360 - however the game info is pretty much the same for PS3 and PC too.

  • Microsoft Consoles

    Post all your news, rumours, whatever else in here about the Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One

  • DF Fifa Club - DF Fifa league

  • Sony Consoles

    Post all your Playstation news in here. No Modchip Posts !

  • Nintendo Consoles

    Discuss all the latest news & info on Nintendo consoles. Wii know you love it ;)

  • Sony Handhelds

    Discuss Sony's handheld consoles in here. The PS Vita and the outgoing PSP.

  • Nintendo DS Handhelds

    Discuss all things related to the Nintendo Dual Screen handhelds. DS, DS lite, DSi, DSi XL and the 3DS

  • Old Skool Gaming & Retro

    What Computers and games consoles did you play as a kid? Were you posh with a BBC Micro, or one of the lads with a ZX Spectrum?

  • Puzzles & Stuff

    Due to popular demand this forum has been created for people posting puzziling questions and so on.