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  • Job Centre

    Need a job? need advice on furthering your career? This is the place to ask advice on Jobs/Training/Job hunting

  • Going Places

    Going on holiday, abroad or just travelling? Post all your questions, tips, advice and reviews in here.

  • The Clinic

    Do you have any medical questions or do you wih to share your experiences with others? The Doctor is in the house - and no it's not David Tennant.

  • E-Cigs

    Discussion about E-Cigs, juices, mixes, for advice and help on what to use, what others use and recommend

  • The DF Cook Book

    Discuss anything to do with food, culinary techniques and your fave recipes. yum!

  • Bodger's Broom Cupboard

    Homestyle/DIY & Hobbies/Electronic Security/CCTV/Surveillance
    Discuss all your DIY tips, tricks & problems. Perhaps you have a hobby (stamp collecting, modelling, embroidery etc..) it all goes in here. :)

  • Animals and Pets

    A home for your cats, dogs and goldfish discussion.

  • Tattoos, Body Art & Piercings

    Post your own body art snaps, advice, tattoo flashes and anything else of interest.

  • UFO's, Paranormal & Conspiracies

    UFOs , ghosts, paranormal experiences , conspiracy theories and scifi technology in here.

  • The DF Library

    What are you reading at the moment? pop in and share the experience