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    I saw a post from here pop up in google, bit aged now myself lol...

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    I saw some short thread on N3 and read a little, brought back a few N1 and 2 memories. People still seem to call these things hacks, this implies something that was never really present in the thoughts of many of us back then. A hack is a way to Shortcut or circumvent the encryption, it was not about that - that part was instigated by traders and in fact crooks and thieves.

    For us it was about, wow thats cool how does that work. I built a Ubomb to learn about glitchers - - I learned, then I built the Powersync. I built autonomous flashes for them also.

    Crashed A86's in 10 seconds on autonomous flash powersyncs, Rom11's just as quick, then Upc's N2 took all of a couple days (yanks did all the work lol)
    It was the greatest feeling knowing that you could rewrite something to do what you want that cost millions to make, A few of us got bored and started looking back at the old rom7 718's. We found we could glitch without even bothering to payload over an over lol that card was a piece of Sh*t haha < not many people I imagine even got to see the hardware and code we used.

    So enter N3.. Up to then it was really a game of can I break it for the sake of breaking, somewhere along the way Traders as we used to call them were simply filling there pockets and perverting the discoveries for financial gain (also highly illegal and rightly so).

    Most of us just wanted to learn for the sake of learning, so we just floated off back into our everyday lives. Anyway that little thread on N3 made it obvious that we still probably live in that world where reverse engineering something becomes hacking becomes illegal, leads to ill gotten gains for some and worse.

    Happy new year to you all

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    Welcome to Digital Forums.

    Forum etiquette is quite high on the list here, like in real life you treat others with respect and you equally get it back. Contributing to the threads with good constructive posts gets you noticed for all the good reasons. Digging up old threads and the one word posts/replies to threads gets you marked as a post booster; this is not the best way to get you going on DF. With time your post count will go up and you will have full use of the forum. This has been put in place to stop Spammers, Leechers and generally1 post users that want something for nothing, they try and get it and go.

    Digital forums has been going for years and has a large fan base. Some actually pay for the privilege and they get bonuses over non sub people. With time you will build up friends and likewise you will be seen here as someone that can contribute to the DF Community.

    Enjoy your stay
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