Dead Motherboard ???

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    piggzy said:

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    Using the PC as normal last night when Win 10 suddenly said "Ooops something went wrong etc.. collecting Data"

    Left it alone to reach the 100% waited ages but it didnt reboot as it said it would so I turned it off.

    Turned it back on and nothing. Get blue power light, HDD red light and you can hear drives spin up, CPU fan spins up then after about 5 seconds HDD light goes off then it restarts and is just keeps looping/restarting every few secs.

    Tried clearing CMOS, different GPU's, removing RAM etc nothing ever beeps just the same boot loop. Nothing on screen doesnt even get to BIOS.

    I am guessing buggered MOBO... what think you.
    It's an LGA1155 mobo and they appear bloody hard to find now.. especially ones that support Gen 3 CPU's.

    Great timing as always

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    Mickey said:

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    cant you try and boot into safe mode
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    josweet said:

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    Remove everything from the board leaving the bare minimum & retry. How old & what make is the board ?
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    evilsatan said:

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    When I am diagnosing no POST I disconnect everything except CPU, single RAM module (known good and tested in each dimm socket), PSU (only connected to mobo) to rule out anything. Does sound like mobo, are any capacitors bulging? With a mobo of that age I expect it may have solid caps so you probably can't tell. Is it a decent PSU? You could try slaving the HDD and looking for a memory dump in the windir or win\minidump to analyse.

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    piggzy said:

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    Thanks all.
    BIOS doesnt appear to even finish POST so Safe Mode not an option.

    Tried removing everything as suggested but no in built GPU so still need to attach a GPU card. Still same.
    It is a Gigabyte GA-H61M-DS2 DVI with an Intel i7-3700 3.9GHZ CPU
    Had zero warning signs leading upto it. Will need to completely remove MOBO to look for bulging . Shit lighting in my office.

    It's a bugger cos the last thing you want to do is spend much money on another LGA1155 mobo to discover it is also CPU and then you wish you had gone to newer architecture (is 1151 the current) . The age old PC conundrum lol.

    Edit: Age is about 4 years max, maybe 3. Never overclocked or abused with a monster GPU :-)
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    WRATH OF BOD said:

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    check for swollen caps on the board, does sound like the boards gone.
    pull power cable out of the back, leave for 5 mins, reconnect & try boot could even be the psu even if its a beast of a psu, i just had similer problem week before christmas
    & that was an 850 corsair modula psu 2 years old.
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    piggzy said:

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    Got a seriously shit mobo & cpu spare.
    Will rig this up tomorrow to rule out PSU and if that boots up then MOBI imho.

    Will try find a cheap LGA1155 off the bay etc and take it from there. Appreciate all your feedback.
    Worst time of the year for this kind of bollox :-)
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    DejaVu said:

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    If you've got a black screen, could also be the PSU.

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    piggzy said:

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    It is only black screen, but as I can hear all HDD's spin up and DVD plus fans for a couple of seconds I still think MOBO. Will rule it out in morning with old kit and take it from there. Really do appreciate all your input.

    Hope it is PSU in one sense. Will probably see in morning I accidentally switched PSU to 110 Volts ;-)
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    piggzy said:

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    Finally got the time to look at it after getting a cheap 1155 mobo off the bay.

    Was a lucky punt as CPU is fine and all working again. Although part of me is sad as I didn't have the excuse to upgrade everything to a whole new architecture :-)

    Dead MOBO it was. Thanks for tips guys.

    It also reminded me how much of a pain in the arse UEFI can be grrrrrrrrr