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    Help Unity3D Developer C#

    Is there anyone who has experience in C# coder for Uinty3d?

    I am trying to complete a Space Shooter (Shmups) game using the Unity tutorials and I am hopeless with the coding.

    I am interested in adding Boss Fights, Powerups, HUD, Highscore Board, Difficulty and a Menu.

    Any help is greatly appreciated


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    Default Re: Unity3D Developer C#

    I haven't touched it for a long time mate so wont be much help, but I can tell you that the Tutorials are generally out of date and thats why you might be struggling a bit

    everything you have asked depends on how you have created the game, e.g.

    For difficulty you can just increase the speed of the enemy ships or the rate of fire

    Highscore board - store all the values in an array and display using text elements

    HUD - Surely for this you just need to create some text elements on the screen and have your code update them (number of bullets etc.)

    Menu - Unity has the ability to do some impressive menus and i thought these were documented (one of the few things)

    Like i said I havent touched Unity in years but I know it was always a struggle looking things up as things changed from version to version and the documentation was rarely updated to match
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    Thanks to Mystical_2K

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    Default Re: Unity3D Developer C#

    Was looking to dabble in unity myself as I am a VS dev and like to dabble in new things ... Should I?

    Currently dabbling in VS 2017 and .NET Core. Which was fucking shit to start but MS are starting to get their finger out.... come on MS sort out the fucking .drawing

    I do thin MS though in a dev sense are really making leaps and bounds this last couple of years. Embracing Linux of sort and trying new things.
    I think Apple overtook them for a while and MS just looked like startled bunnies in headlights but are now fighting back and now Apple look lost

    All apple do now is develop iOS which is purely Tablet / Mobile driven
    They have all but abandoned MacOS / OsX and given fuck all updates to Hardware or Software for nearly 3 years.

    I think the tides will turn on Apple now ... oh wait I just went on a Cider fuelled rant.

    Sorry OP. I know fuck all about Unity. Good luck.

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