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    Thanks all for the nice comments...its nice to see the majority of people condone animal cruelty

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    Yeah.....not thinking straight at all

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    Sorry to read of this Goose. I too am an animal lover, and it takes some getting over when you lose them. I just hope it was accidental (I had a cat die of Paraquat poisoning, when an idiot next door neighbour put it down and didn't think to warn us).

    I'm currently enraged after just reading on the BBC Website what them ****s did to that poor Cockapoo pup during a burglary.
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    Just an aside Callme Did you know that you can get little bits of jewellery ect made for pets ashes. Sounds macabre but to be honest I have seen these things (Cousin has some) and they do look nice and make her feel better which can never be a bad thing.