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    Default HELP : Honda Civic 8th Gen , ABS/VSA problems

    This is a good one , and im pulling my hair out with it

    first i get the check system on the display with the abs vsa lights

    I take it to a mate of mate . (but hes rather a stupid old old cunt ) , who then sticks it on a snap on machine . Then he tells me that the front wheel speed sensor is OC

    So i replace the front sensor ,but unlike any other abs system, it uses the bearing as the pick up on the front two , not the usual ring . and is total pia to drill out and replace .

    I Connect the battery and all the same warning lights , but now iv got an extra one ,like (!) .

    So now i'm thinking this old idiot has read the code wrong . I take a meter to the the two back sensors and both are OC . I change both of them , turn car on .. woopy doo .. all waning lights out .

    Then as soon as i take it for a drive ,.............boom Red Shell..... . all the warning light fecxking come back on . AHHH

    I'm starting to think iv screwed the front bearing drilling out .

    Any one worked on honda abs / vsa or know a cheap way to connect to the sub system ?

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    Default Re: HELP : Honda Civic 8th Gen , ABS/VSA problems

    Most newer vehicles use the pick up from the bearing, its a lot more accurate and iirc can also detect forward and backwards rotations.
    The easiest way to diagnose it is to go back to you mate with the diagnostic kit, plug in and instead of going to codes go look at the data, it should show each wheel and the speed each is turning keep under 5mph to start with. if it shows right front no signal jack it up and spin by hand i've had in the past where the data comes from incorrect wheel, just to confirm that corner.
    Have a read below how to test the newer sensors against the old hall type.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    see if you can grab a version of this magnetic ring testing card, you can see damaged or missing magnets in the bearing, there only a couple of pounds.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    I would advise genuine sensors as the after market stuff is poor and can cause more trouble than it fixes. Also "O.E" parts from the likes of ECP might come in boxes similar to the manufacture of the part ie Pierburg or Bosch, but Bosch doesn't run a site where you can check parts are genuine for nothing.

    Hope that helps a little.

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    Default Re: HELP : Honda Civic 8th Gen , ABS/VSA problems

    Funny but the Father in law had same problem recently in his old Merc. He also tried sorting it himself to no avail and it wasn't until he went to an actual Merc garage that it got sorted, so as Big Ted said maybe the none genuine components are the issue. This was also a sensor related to bearing that was sending a message that his Traction Control was not right I think from memory. His is an auto so it caused all kinds of trouble as the auto gearbox didn't know if it was coming or going so gear changes were awful.

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    Default Re: HELP : Honda Civic 8th Gen , ABS/VSA problems

    Quote Originally Posted by plug1 View Post
    Any one worked on honda abs / vsa or know a cheap way to connect to the sub system ?
    BIG-TED seems to have summed up good diagnosis techniques nicely.

    To answer this part of your question, obviously cheapest way would be as mentioned by BIG-TED and use your mate's Snap On if he will let you use it.

    If not, another one of BIG-TED's posts may help you out a lot [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    To be totally honest I can't say 100% if it will connect to ABS/VSA on Civic 8th Gen, but I would be surprised if it didn't.

    Most people use that interface with Autocom/Delphi software, but it also works with Wurth Onlne World (WOW) which is better than the Autocom/Delphi software.

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