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    It played out like this, Missus got in touch with his school, sent screen grab, 1 hour later his mum was called in from work and sitting with him in the head teachers office, we have only got their word on it but, he denied it at first, then the time and date stamp proved otherwise. He cried, was told under circumstances to contact her ever again or the police will be involved.

    I hope it has been a wake up call for the boy and his mum (single working parent) she spends a little more time with him and he sorts himself out but without a record to boot.

    Run your wife a nice hot bath, light some candles & pour some wine. Then you've at least 40 mins on the xbox plus a clean wife.

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    sounds like a good result.
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    yeah sounds like a good outcome, im sure he wont be doing it again
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