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    piggzy said:

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    Just a heads up for those watching.

    Season 4 of Z Nation started airing a couple of weeks ago. Only just noticed.
    Gonna wait another couple of weeks so I can power watch :-)

    Love it personally. Fucked up good stupid fun. Remember the cheese wheel.
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    Mystical_2K said:

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    Yeah I noticed that SickRage had pulled a couple for me, never got around to finishing off Series 3 yet,
    love the show and yeah that cheese wheel was great
    You know he grew up as a little shitspark from the old shitflint and then he turned into a shitbonfire and driven by the winds of his monumental ignorance he turned into a raging shitfirestorm. If I get to be married to Barb I'll have total control of Sunnyvale and then I can unleash the shitnami tidal wave that will engulf Ricky and extinguish his shitflames forever. And with any luck he'll drown in the undershit of that wave. Shitwaves.
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    DOC!!!! LEGEND!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dpSparhawk View Post
    DOC!!!! LEGEND!
    Yup.. Cant beat a bit of Zee Weed ;-)