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    Default Anyone going to MCM Comic Con this weekend?

    I try every year to get my mates to go but none of them are as geeky as me so usually pass. I've never been so have no idea what to expect. I can't imagine it's as good as the US Comic Cons but have always wanted to go.

    I'm not working Friday so might take a tube ride and have a look what it's all about. If I do go I'll post some pics of all the cosplay slags I see

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    Default Re: Anyone going to MCM Comic Con this weekend?

    I went to the Manchester one a few years ago. I had to queue for 3 hours just to get in, at which point someone opened a nearby fire exit and about 100 people steamed in before anyone noticed. From what I remember, there were plenty of stalls and some amazing costumes but the guests were a bit underwhelming. They brought out a guy who was a voice actor in Far Cry 3. It reminded me of Troy McClure in The Simpsons. "You might remember me as the voice Denis Rogers in Far Cry 3". Needless to say, the auditorium emptied in about 2 minutes.

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    Default Re: Anyone going to MCM Comic Con this weekend?

    The University where i work used to host them annually.
    Was always nice to step out of the office in the morning and be greeted by Alice in Wonderland and Bane
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