Advice on Refurbishing Moto G5 Plus Myself

Thread: Advice on Refurbishing Moto G5 Plus Myself

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    Advice Advice on Refurbishing Moto G5 Plus Myself

    I wanna refurb my phone as I've slowly been destroying it and last night I tipped it over the edge. However apart from what I've done to it, it's not a bad phone and it's not that old.

    However I've managed to inflict various damage to it which makes me wonder if I'm better off just binning it.

    1: Cracked screen. I did this pretty quick after getting the phone, thought I would ride it out until chunks fell out but I've inflicted further damage while opening up the phone. I've had bad experiences with 3rd party screens (often kill phone's battery) so I wanna try and find an original panel rather than the cheap Chinese clones on eBay.

    2: Damaged casing. Mainly cosmetic but if I'm gonna replace other bits, might as well sort this out. Also until I replace the rear panel I will never be able to fit a replacement glass over the camera. Are original casings available at a sensible price to the public?

    3: Damaged camera. As mentioned, I smashed the glass cover. Removed the shards of glass, but now I get dark patches on photos even after cleaning the lens. New camera needed or could this be because of the missing glass cover?

    4: Soaked in water. Slowly drying it out then gonna clean the boards up using isopropyl alcohol. Phone had all sorts of crazy behaviour but now seems to be charging, booting and generally working fine. Does it sound like I've been lucky and salvaged the main board, or is it likely it will start playing up in the future?

    Edit 5: Now that I've totally stripped it down, battery doesn't look too healthy either so looks like new battery needed as well.
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    Probably cheaper to replace it. Or find a good s/h one.