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    Default medal of honor spearhead

    when i boot up spearhead and want 2 play it online it asks me
    do u want 2 download the update so when i download the update
    and install it,,,,

    i boot it up again and go back into multiplayer and browse internet

    it keeps asking me 2 install the up date

    can some please help me

    i also have breakthough install and it works a dream

    any ideas for me

    :splease :splease :splease

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    Default Re: medal of honor spearhead

    Your best bet is to install gamespy or all seeing eye up to connect to internet servers (do a google search).

    For MOHAA SP you should be running version 2.15 and for Breakthru version 2.40b. Some servers wont allow connection unless you have the above patches installed.

    And to be on the safe side, make you have checked any firewall settings etc to make sure you are allowing the game to connect to the internet. Remember SP and BT are 2 different exe files....

    Also note that you can play SP through BT so if you connect fine through that you can set gamespy or all seeing eye to connect both games via the BT exe...

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