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    Had a job since 12 (paper round)

    GCSE's at school.

    Went to college to study Business AVCE... Got very bored with it halfway through second year and left. Was working part time for American Express for the last year so just went full time as a cachier. Very boring!

    Applied for a job as mortgage underwriter for a secured loans company (Central Trust), went to the interview and realised I was being interviewed for a sales role with much higher basic than I had applied for so just went with it. Got the job but had to wait two months due to me not being 18 just yet. Stayed there for 2 years and realised I had a bit of a talent for sales.

    Could stand consumers no longer so resigned and found myself at Microwarehouse - IT reseller. I had found my industry. Spent next two hyears there building a portfolio then was gracefully poached by my current employer - It was nice had three competitors all battling for my services at the time.

    And here I am now...
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    Got a Job in a steel factory at 16 worked there for 7 months and thought i cant go on with this no prospects. Although i was earning 900 pound a month. Then deicded to go to college. Went for 3 years. Gained cisco CCNP, mcp in windows 2000, xp and maintaing 2003 server. Also gained it essentials one and two. Then finally it practioners level 3. After this i searched for a job for about 1year had plenty of interviews but because of lack of experience could not get a job.

    So i decided to try out applying for some contract work , and low and behold i got one a 15 pound per hour , started off with 6 of us wittled it down to 2 and i was offered a job but at the same time got a second interview at capita as a techinical support analyst. From then on i have never looked back. Been there ever since.
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    Might as well post my job in here now I have it, lol!

    Basically my education went:

    High school --> A-Levels @ 6th Form (Maths, Physics, Computing, AS: Chemistry), Computer Science Degree (University of Manchester).
    Applied for a job as a systems analyst grad role just after xmas. Invited to the assessment day in May and then to a further interview. Got offered the job a few days after my final interview on condition that I passed my degree (which I did) and so start at beginning of August.
    The company is just outside of Preston which is about 25 miles from me however it's only half an hour down the M65 in the morning. Just have to look at petrol consumption when I get my next car!

    Doesn't appear to have too many extra "benefits" (although there maybe some I havent' been introduced to yet having not started) but I get private out-patient care (so if I needed to see a specialist for example, I would be covered to get seen privately for this, but once the cause was diagnosed then I would get treated by NHS) and company pension (still debating whether to join this or put it off for a bit until I get a pay rise! - 6% of my wage seems quite a bit especially when I'm lookin to get a new car and have loads to pay for on top).
    If I remember correctly you get performance appraisals every 6 months during your first two years (these are effectively 2 years training). Opportunity for pay rise at these.
    Starting salary is 22770PA which for the north-west ain't too bad for a grad. Works out at about £1900 per month gross which is about £1400 per month after Income Tax and National Insurance.
    I've finished uni now but I've taken a few weeks off before starting basically because I'm going on holiday (tomorrow) and so thought it would be a bit daft starting for a week or something and then going away on holiday for a week! So, I start properly on August the 6th.

    Guess I'm kinda lucky really to have been able to come out of uni knowing I had a job to go into and not having to worry so to speak. Just hope I like it really... Systems analyst is less "technical" than full on programming but I wanted a change - I've done programming at uni for the past 3 years and at college for the 2 before that so will be nice to watch someone else tearing their hair out over an error message that simply says "Segmentation Fault"!!
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    I work for one of the bigger recruitment agencies in Nottinghamshire, I pretty much run one of the outer branches.

    I love my job, it's bloody frustrating dealing with temporary labour as I do the industrial side of things, but the money is phenomonel (sp?).

    I have been here just under 2 years and got my first premotion last month.

    I have brought in about £2m worth of turnover in just under 2 years and we now deal with 4 of the largest window/door and conservatory manufacturers in the country.

    If any of you use temp labour - in the industrial/engineering sector - or want work in that area - let me know and I will offer you some special rates ;-)
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    ^ who are the top four? Sierra? CWG?

    Got 11 GCSE's, flopped 'A' levels but still went to uni of my choice (Reading) and got onto the course I wanted to do albeit after doing a foundation year. Got a 2:2 - worked in electronics/IT for a couple of years, but jacked it in to be my own boss making/repairing/fitting double glazing.
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    Only got 6 or so GCSE's, crap AS level in IT.

    Work for onr of the biggest lightening companys as an "Assembly Administration Assistant" Wanna do an online course in the new year but not sure which one.
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    left school, went to college for a computer technology course, 6months from the end I dropped out through sheer boredom.
    My brother got me a job on the refinery he works at, as a labourer for an insulation company. Since then, I've been back to college for my mechanical engineering degree, and am now working in NDT as a rope access multiskilled technician onshore at a gas terminal. job is good, get to work outdoors and swing on ropes most days, climbing round pipe racks. I am lead technician, and wish I'd had people to help me and give me support when I was younger, instead of waiting til I was older to find it.

    I will eventually move into a more technical role, but at moment I'm enjoying myself far too much.