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    the_wizzard said:

    Serious Read Here First If Your New Here

    if Your Gonna Post Here Then Make Sure Its Not Your First, Introduce Yourself First Ok!! Saves Lots Of Warnings And Hassel.

    Do Not Post Askin To Have Your Atmels Read.

    Do Not Ask "how Do I" When It's Your First Post

    Do Not Try To Sell\trade Cable Equiptment Cos You Don't Own It.

    Do Not Post Key's.
    You Can Post External Links To Files Just Remeber To H**p It

    Donot Post Anything Illegal Or Anything You Haven't Tested Yourself First - The Forum Is For Information And Educational Interest !

    If Your Not Sure About Somthing Ask A Member Of Staff Its What We Are Here For

    Also Be Nice

    Take No Notice, At Your Own Risk.
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