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    Help Connecting Dbox2 via s-video

    Right as title says i'm trying to connect my dbox via a s-video lead through my amp Onkyo 606 as it will give it the best possible quality

    I've bought this lead

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    But all i'm getting is a blue screen the amp is connected to the tv via hdmi and everything else is working fine

    If i plug in the dbox via scart to composite it works great i've even set it in the video settings to s-video but nothing

    I'm running Andromedia V2.0 could it be the image that is not letting it happen

    also i have plugged the lead directly into the tv and just get no signal on the screen

    anyone got any soloutions for me
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    Default Re: Connecting Dbox2 via s-video

    Have you played with the video output settings on the DBox?

    Component will give you the better picture anyway, I doubt the S-video will be much different.

    DJ OD
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