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Thread: Mario Titles

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    Wii Mario Titles

    Slight annoying problem which I hope someone may be able to solve.
    Wii has D2Pro9 V3 fitted, and I have tried 15 backups on it, mixture of PAL & NTSC.
    The only 2 that wont load are Mario titles. Mario Kart (NTSC) downloaded twice and both have the same results and SSBB (PAL) They appear in the top left, click start and I just get a black screen.
    I have used WiiBrickblocker on all the ISO's I have so the firmware is the same as it was from the box, I think it is 3.1E.
    All the games are on Verbatim by the way.
    Any suggestions please.
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    Default Re: Mario Titles

    both work with the gamma version of the softmod m8

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