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    Help Ipod Touch album artwork disappearing ?

    The artwork for my album covers keeps disappearing whenever i sync my ipod.
    Not all of them go its always diffenent ones. If i remove the artwork then re apply it in itunes they come back for a bit then they go again.
    Has anyone else experienced this or know how to resolve it ? I've serached everywhere with no luck

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    Default Re: Ipod Touch album artwork disappearing ?

    i find if you go to music library, right click on the album, get info, add new artwork there, then sync it on, it works that way, any other way and its been really flakey adding them on

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    Default Re: Ipod Touch album artwork disappearing ?

    if its not on the files on the pc/ mac when you sync its going to keep copying over the un-album art'd files as mmg says add the art to the files on your pc/mac then sync and they should all show up if you get stuck with itunes not finding the art you want use amazon and copy the album art from there (get the big 500px X 500px though they look better on screen) and either add it ablum buy album or one at a time (select what you want to have the art in itunes and right click and add that way ive found itunes to be a bit flakey with the album art)

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