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    Default Another new Robin Hood...

    Pants... and where did they get that version of the story from???

    Ridley Scott's Nottingham is still one of those projects that we're very excited to eventually see, whether it takes two years or ten years. MTV caught up with producer Brian Grazer recently and not only confirmed that they're hoping to start shooting in March of next year, but also got some clarification behind the dual casting in the film. Back in September, it was discovered that Russell Crowe was going to play both Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham. This left everyone completely confused as to how that could even happen, which is why it's a relief, and somewhat intriguing, to hear Grazer clarify what that means.

    "The two role confusion is that what Robin Hood does is he sees Nottingham in battle very early in the movie and Nottingham dies. And Robin Hood takes over the identity of Nottingham. That's how it plays out." Grazer added that this is "an origin story" for those two characters. In the classic Robin Hood story, the evil Sheriff of Nottingham has taken the place of the absent King and Robin Hood must fight him to take the throne. In Ridley Scott's Nottingham, apparently Robin Hood becomes the Sheriff, according to Grazer, and from there who knows what happens. Either way, I'm curious to find out where it goes next.

    Both Grazer and Mark Strong (separately in our interview) confirmed that Nottingham is gearing up to finally go into production early next year. Initially it was supposed to start this year but it got delayed. Brian Helgeland is apparently working on a final version of the screenplay, which has had numerous revisions to make it work, one of which involved tweaking it so that the dual casting could be pulled off. I'm hoping that this hasn't been over-worked and the story has lost the depth that made it so interesting to begin with. Ridley Scott needs another big hit and I was really hoping that Nottingham would be it.

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    Default Re: Another new Robin Hood...

    well..what can you say about that plot...hmmm...whats he been smoking? So Robin is the Sheriff, well only in america can they dream up such bollocks.

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    Default Re: Another new Robin Hood...

    Tragically Ridley Scott is British!
    If at first you don't succeed.....redefine success. . . .

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