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    Default With these figures do I have a problem?

    Im on Bt Residential Broadband and am trying to work out if im being throttled, or if I have a problem with the line?

    Ive been working on the premise that im being throttled for a while now (Should be getting 6.5meg + according too BT, speedtests run at around 350-500k) but had a more indepth look at the wireing internally and now im not so sure

    If some kind soul could look at the numbers posted from my router and decypher id really appriciate it !

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    Default Re: With these figures do I have a problem?

    You are syncing at 8meg. What speed test are you running through? I find none any good. Best I could get out of a speed test is 1800k/s when in fact grabbing from the newsgroups gives me a constant 2600-2700k/s

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