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    Default o2 Pay&go how do you stop the balence comming up after every txt

    does anyone know how to stop the balance coming up on the screen after every txt i send?

    this is annoying because I've got free txts so the balance rarely goes down anyway.
    I've noticed it before but not thought too much about it but tonight I was sending messages using the pc and MyPhoneExplorer and I had to physically pick up the phone and press ok loads.

    sometimes if I don't press ok and someone tries to ring they can't get through.
    Also if someone txt's me I won't receive it until I've pressed ok and then I get about 3 txt's coming at once.
    my phone is a Sony ericsson w850i but I think it used to do it on my old nokia aswell.

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    Default Re: o2 Pay&go how do you stop the balence comming up after every txt

    Not with o2 now but had same fcuking annoying problem about year ago. contact customer service and ask them to disable it. worked for me

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