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Thread: 16gb itouch

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    Wanted 16gb itouch

    i was lookin for a 16gb itouch and everywhere is out of stock
    i was wondering if anyone else was interested in sellin theirs??

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    Default Re: 16gb itouch

    I was considering selling mine for the 32GB version but depends if the price is right as I don't have spare cash to pay mega bucks for a 32GB one. Mine is the first generation one so has the better quality display. It has had a screen protector on since the day I got it and has been in a leather case so it is pristine. Got box and all accessories, jailbroken etc.

    Not sure what it's worth or how much I can get a 32GB for so make me an offer and I will see how much I an get my bigger one for. Just so you know (and you don't think I am messing you around) I am not desperate to upgrade or anything so if I decline your offer it's just because I don't have the money to be upgrading not that I think it's a bad offer

    Also wrong section mate have flagged to be moved into BST.

    EDIT: Only just realised 2nd gen is not able to be jailbroken so have to withdraw my offer mate, sorry.
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