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    Info Dubai sex man arrives in Britain

    Dubai sex man arrives in Britain

    Michelle Palmer and Vince Acors met while in Dubai
    A British man who was convicted of having sex on a beach in Dubai has flown home, his lawyer says.
    Vince Acors, 34, of Bromley, London, was given a jail sentence suspended on appeal, along with Michelle Palmer, of Oakham, Rutland.
    Acors was due to fly home earlier but was re-arrested just before boarding a flight because his visa had expired.
    Palmer, 36, is already in the UK. She was in Dubai as a publishing executive, but was sacked after her arrest.
    'Pretty relaxing'
    Acors's lawyer, Andrew Crossley, said his client had landed at Heathrow Airport at 1400 GMT.
    Mr Crossley told the BBC: "He's back in the UK and is delighted. He had a pretty relaxing flight and is back, and going to resume his normal life again."
    Hassan Matter, who represented Palmer and Acors during their Dubai trial, said: "Michelle returned home a few days ago.
    "I worked on her deportation. She didn't have any problems because she had been in Dubai to work."
    'Sex and indecency'
    Mr Matter said Acors had originally been prevented from returning home because his visa had expired.
    He said: "He went to the airport but did not have the paperwork. He had to go back to prison to sort it out."
    Mr Matter added: "We don't have any problem with the Dubai Public Prosecution. Everyone is doing their job."
    Palmer and Acors were arrested on the Jumeirah Beach on 5 July, hours after meeting at a champagne brunch.
    In October, they were found guilty by Dubai's Court of First Instance of unmarried sex and public indecency. Both were fined £170 and sentenced to three months in prison.
    They admitted a charge of being drunk in a public place.

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    Default Re: Dubai sex man arrives in Britain

    Serves them both right, bunch of fucking reprobates.
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    Default Re: Dubai sex man arrives in Britain

    dirty fekkas

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