Club Cyclone by Maygay Tip... any others?

Thread: Club Cyclone by Maygay Tip... any others?

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    Club Cyclone by Maygay Tip... any others?

    At my local club we currently have Club Cyclone (20p/£250) and so far I've managed to suss this out:

    3 ways in to start - fill up either the NUDGE, MONEY or FEATURE trail.

    NUDGEs seem to be the easiest to get and the most rewarding, when playing fairly well it can quite often let you have 4 oranges for £20 or 4 cherries for £15. When it wants to cough up money it makes the nudges easier like 4 nudges for £50.

    MONEY usually starts very low with a chance at features a little higher up e.g. got £2 quid, can exchange if you gamble to £5. I have managed to gamble a pound to £15 even when its not really too full.

    FEATUREs seem to be pretty awful - you rarely get good ones even with loads of money e.g. have £30 could exchange for Threesome (max 3 bells for £10) Most of the features can give anywhere from £1 to Jackpot but rarely do in my experience.

    *** Special Stuff ***

    Getting on the money either from NUDGEs or MONEY when it REALLY wants to give the Jackpot could flash up "Look its a Cyclone" which means you can gamble all the way.

    When I won...

    I thought (and had some tips) the machine was fairly full from Xmas an New Year, sure enough it was backing. So went off to get some cash.

    After sticking £80 in (yep, I was going for it!) I got £50, gambled to £75 okay then its onto £250!!! Big jump... and I lost the gamble

    Still... got to go it next time so £50 more in - large amounts of sweat from me and the peeps watching, I got the "Look its a Cyclone" thingy. No one else drew any significance to this so they starts to panic when I gamble a quid as far as £30

    Anyways got the jackpot and some loose change after that. End result £130 in, £260 out. Not too bad for 3 hours work!

    Even better I bought everyone a drink at the bar plus two extra bottles to take home and the bill came to £9.60

    Not yet a complete description but I may add more if the machine stays in the club long enough. Any one else wishing to add, of course, will be welcome.

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    Look out it's a .............. is the only tip i had fopr that machine lol