Bargain 5210? - £40!!

Thread: Bargain 5210? - £40!!

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    Bargain 5210? - £40!!


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    Thanks to Batman01388 on AF

    On contract, but 12 months line rental returned.... might be worth checking the T&C's though as I can't see how it can be possible.

    This particular bit got me...
    From Terms & Conditions
    If for any reason, payments on your airtime agreement are not kept up to date, you decide to disconnect before the contractual 12 month period or if your account suffers from any adverse financial difficulties where the airtime provider deems fit to bar your account, Talkworld will have the right to charge to your credit card a sum of £250.
    Anyone wanna help me out before I miss a bargain?

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    luckdip said:

    Default refund?

    I have always been sceptical about getting your money back just in case the company dissappears. Got this of the shack courtesy of CJ:

    "The refund deal works like this:

    After 3 months you can fill in a claim form to get your £168 back. You will then receive your money within 28 days whilst you continue to pay the £14 a month.

    Doesn't sound too bad....think they should still be there in 3 months. "

    Has anyone actually taken up any of these offers and got their money back?
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    If you check also in the conditions it says that you have to keep the phone "live",meaning make and receive calls otherwise it will be a violation of contract and they can then charge you full whack for the phone, around £250.
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    Was speaking to a mate about this earlier who used to work for the Orange shop. He said there was this Talk World (same company) near them that shutdown. He said they had to deal with no end of complaints about them.

    Steer Clear is my advice.

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    Default, you get the phone for free but £14 contract for a year (no mins whatsoever). 10p per min I think to landline. Better than finding your account being debited £250 all in the sudden, me think!
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    Id stick clear of the ones that refund your account . I was debited £19 a month and the other company was sticking in £13 so it wasnt such a good deal after all.
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    if anyone gets one of these, i'd be interested to know how much they want you to use their sim in order to qualify for the rebate, as i'd like to do this then just put my pay as you go sim in the 5210 and never use the one they give me