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    I can't get through to O2's customer services and just wondered if anyone here knew what the score was.

    I have an old Philips C12 on BT CELLNET. It is on a 07714 number and I think this is one of the real early ones that could be chipped. Am I right in thinking that these phones stored credits on the phone and not the network?

    The problem I have is that I have decided to change the phone. So I got an 6210 to drop the SIM into which is open to all networks. However this SIM does absolutely nothing. Is this something to do with the fact that the SIM is of an old type?

    Can anyone tell me what I would need to do to get it working?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    The C12 is a bit knackered but I can pass it on if anyone wants it.

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    kurupt said:
    if this is a bt cellnet sim with free best freind then this simcard wont work in any other fone other than a c12
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    I work for o2. I know those old fones, we sold so many of them a few years ago at dirt cheap prices.

    The chip and fone are attached to each other. ie. the sim wont work in another fone and no other sim will work in that fone. the only thing i suggest is buy a new sim card and get your number and credit transferred to the new sim. the only thing is that u will have to transfer to one of the new pay&go tariffs.

    hope this helps
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    Thanks for the help chaps.

    Much appreciated.
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    Nims, if you do work for 02 you maybe should maybe know what you are talking about. i have several of these old c12 lying about which all say contact service with the sim in them that came with the fone. when i put my current 02 sim in them they work no problem.
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    and from experience, the fones can be put onto voda

    and im sure loads of people from here can second that
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    yep my mom has one and it can be put onto vodaphone

    i just tried to swop the simsfrom my old c12 and hers and it woundnt work
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    I didnt know they could be put on voda but thats good.

    As for the sim swapping, i was pretty sure that didnt work as i said before but theres always one person 'cokeheid' that never gets their info correct, and then has the cheek to try correct others.

    With some of the newer phillips it is the case that you maybe able to change sims but with the older ones like the u fones, its not possible to my experience.