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    exploding CD

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    Defective CDs could take your eye out
    High-speed optical CD-Rom drives can be dangerous when used with CDs containing small cracks, according to research.
    Because of the high speeds of modern drives, the CDs can shatter and, in certain circumstances, blow fragments of sharp plastic through the front of the drive at a speed that could cause serious injury.

    Research Machines, an integrator in the academic sector, has warned that drives from many manufacturers are susceptible to this phenomenon, especially as a majority of them now run at 48x or faster.

    Fiona McLean, spokeswoman for Research Machines, said that it would take an incident where someone is injured before PC manufacturers took action.

    "We deal with schools where CD drives are generally set at the eye-level of children. Our lab tests have shown sharp pieces of plastic being ejected at force from the CD drives. It's only a matter of time before someone is blinded," she said.

    As a result, Research Machines have developed a safety policy that includes fitting metal shields to CD drive trays, moving them away from head height and downgrading the firmware on the drives so they cannot spin faster than 42x.

    St Andrews University, Edinburgh, has also reported at least one case where a user "has experienced the front of his CD-Rom drive being blown off by a disintegrating CD".

    "Don't laugh - it has happened," the university warned. CD-Rom drive manufacturers have been made aware of the problem and some are already taking steps to reduce the likelihood of disintegration and to limit the resultant damage if it does occur.

    CD drive manufacturer Viglen has released an advisory on the phenomenon, acknowledging that although there is an issue, "there is an exceptionally small risk of this happening. The standard speed for CD-Rom drives has been 48x for over two years, with millions of drives sold," the company said.

    Viglen said that modern drives, spinning faster than 10,000RPM, exert extreme forces on the disc and, in rare cases, the use of poor quality, cracked media can result in the CD splitting or shattering inside the drive.

    There is also a possibility that such fragments may penetrate the CD-Rom drive front panel. The company added, however: "it is important to understand that the problem will only occur when a defective CD is used in the CD-Rom drive."

    Other researchers have suggested that the prevalence of cheaper media, particularly on the CD-R and CD-RW market, may be escalating the potential for disaster because of the thinner plastic that manufacturers tend to use in their construction.

    But Viglen said that "although 'cheap' CDs may be more susceptible to damage, any CD may become defective".

    what do you think?
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    Hmmm... (he says while looking directly at a 52x drive at eye level while listening to a CD....)
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    well my cd rom is at eye height (tower is on table) and i put loadsa mashed discs in there, not happened to me...yet

    seems highly improbable tho

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    Shattered CDs have happened to quitre a few mates of mine, so it is possible. However, they have always shattered inside the drive, rather than when it's been ejected.
    Outcome, one knackered disc and a completely ****ed up drive.

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    small note on exploding cds....
    don't expect any higher burn speeds, supposedly because of this exact same reason, the cds literally explode in the laboratories.

    paraphrased from PC Mag.
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    never had a problem like that, maybe i'm not using my cd drive enough
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    Love this quote...

    St Andrews University, Edinburgh, has also reported at least one case where a user "has experienced the front of his CD-Rom drive being blown off by a disintegrating CD".

    I have NEVER seen my CD Rom drive being " blown off " by any sort of cd, not even a dirty one...LOL....

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    lol@spagboll - this is probley true in tech labs while designing new x drives but once they r completed there isnt a chance of it happening, more people have won the lotto than this has happend so that says something
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    This does happen

    It happened to me. Most of the disc shattered inside the drive, but a big sharp piece blew the front cover off and shot across the room. Just missed my m8's eye

    I nearly sh1t myself
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    i her something stranger this bloke put his photo collection away on cd wen he got this back out a while later..All this coatin on the cd had been removed.
    enquireing about this some1 told him its a "bug" that eats the coatin on the cd???? strange i thought any 1 back him up on this!!!!!
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    its them little blue ppl in ur avtar that do it m8 ....run from them b 4 they eat every thing

    i say this as i get the fly killer out and spry my computer

    (17:18:34) (+Cam) i need to mount my xbox hdd in linux
    (17:19:02) (+SpikeWork) youth of today, they'll mount anything
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    It has happened to me on a college pc, the cd made a huge short boom and bits of sharp plastic flew out of the front on the cd rom and blew the front off the cd rom, none of the peices hit me though which was lucky cos if it did it could have been nasty, I too shat myself.
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    if that happened to me at college, they would suspend my ass

    cam, if ya onna bout my avtar, its tupac if you look careful
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    heard of it happening a good few times and seen it a couple but i've never seen anything come out of the front of the drive - they always have shattered inside.

    methinks a new URBAN MYTH is trying to be born
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    Just to be on the safe side, my PC's been shifted from bollock and tadger loss height. :shock:

    I'd rather risk being blinded...