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    fireman2203 said:

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    A biker wears leather gear to stop him being injured in the event of him falling off his motorbike and skidding down the road.

    So if a cow was to steal a motorbike and then fall off it cos he hasn't passed his cbt test do you think he would just get up and run away cos his hide would have protected him?
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    ABCMan said:


    my thought for the day.......

    this should be in the hos
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    BM said:


    My thought for the day.........

    Has fireman2203 fallen off his motorbike without his helmet on and bumped his head then fallen the HOS?


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    fireman2203 said:


    lol at bitchmonkey. I was driving my car and i had to 'bump' a cow out the way cos they let them roam free near where i live.
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    @ fireman2203

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    never let it be said that i dont forfill our members requests.
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