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    Can you tell me why my PC seems to take longer and longer to boot up. On win98 alone its fast but over time gets slower and alower.
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    goto start/run and type msconfig
    Then go over to the startup tab and have a look at what Windoze loads up at startup. More than likely it loads up a whole load of shit that youve installed but didnt know that it autoran at startup.

    Untick any apps etc that you dont want to auto startup then click Apply then OK then reboot your PC.
    Hopefully it will boot up quite a bit faster

    Let me know if that helps you any.
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    when your computer loads up it loads ur drivers for devices and most possibly system and program files needed for windows to start. This is caused by installing applications, games etc. The best way to speed boot up speeds up is to clean your registry, remove all programs you dont need from startup and whatever is not needed in your run= command.

    Having Com ports, lpt, usb ports which are not in use can slow computer boot up speed up as windows naturally will search for new devices plugged into these. To stop it from searching just remove it so it cant waist time looking for something which isnt there.

    Defragging your computer, scan disk and other disk repair utilities can speed up boot up. Another idea to speed up boot up is to manually set your page file/ virtual memory size and tell your computer that you either want it at the start or end of the drive. So access to the disk is a lot easier and faster.