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    I've just partition my 17BG hard drive drive into one 10.5GB and one 7GB using Patition Magic v7.01 but while it was partitioning it said complete 100% then a couple of lines down said error 1105 (or something similar) and said press any key to reboot, so i tried any key but they didn't work so i pressed the restart button. Once the PC had rebooted it said it had completed the pertitioning and the PC found new hardware so it asked me to reboot again, so i did so; but it doesn't show the new partition in My Computer but it now only says my hard drive it 10.5GB. I checked Partition Magic and it shows the partiton as being Unallocated.

    So my question is can someone please tell me how i can allocate the new partition.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Problem Solved