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    Default bt i gig limit

    just abit of info for ya peeps

    in bts terms and conditions it states a i gig a day limit on broadband connection, this may be the reason peeps are being dissconected without notice
    this info is not given when you phone but is shiped with the software that you receive

    if this has been posted before sorry but i thought it might help someone

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    My m8 sent me this a while ago off [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    BT Broadband accuses P2P users of copyright abuse
    By John Leyden
    Posted: 14/08/2002 at 10:18 GMT

    BT is threatening to kick users of P2P applications off its broadband service, citing copyright abuse.

    This is a new development at the monster telco which has already shown its commercial antipathy to file-sharing sites (Last year it introduced a policy of restricting bandwidth to P2P sites from its ADSL service.)

    Last week, Reg reader Robert Brown received a letter from the BTBroadband abuse team accusing him of distributing copyrighted material via his account.

    The letter (a copy of which was sent to The Register) ordered him to stop distributing such material within 24 hours of face having his account terminated, for breaching the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for the no-frills ADSL service.

    Brown could find no mention of not being allowed to use P2P in the policy, though in the Usenet section there is an injunction to observe copyright issues and not to "post material that you did not create, unless you have the permission of the owner of the relevant rights in that material".

    He contacted BTBroadband's abuse team and was told that the letter was sent out after BT's systems detected he was using file-sharing applications. It was implied during the conversation that downloading files is acceptable, but once they land in a shared folder and become available to the world a user becomes in breach of contract.

    Brown, who lives in Northern Ireland, is concerned that he is accused of breaching a clause in BT's AUP that doesn't seem to exist. He also takes exception to BT's policy prohibiting the use of file-sharing applications.

    "From what they are saying, it would seem that it is impossible to use P2P on BTBroadband any more, since as soon as something is shared (whether you own the copyright or not) it triggers their automated systems to send out nasty letters, effectively accusing you of being a pirate."

    Brown denies this accusation of piracy.

    "I do use KaZaA to try and find obscure music, mainly concert bootlegs which I can't get anywhere else, but doesn't nearly everyone use some sort of P2P these days? I certainly don't go out to infringe copyright and if I can buy the music on CD then I do (I don't rate MP3 music quality)," he added.

    The ISPA took my P2P away
    We asked the ISP Association (ISPA) if other UK ISPs banned file sharing applications. The group does not monitor this, but a spokesman said the recent (and controversial) EU Copyright Directive could encourage more ISPs to tighten terms over P2P applications. These are linked in the minds of the entertainment industry to copyright abuse.

    According to the ISPA the Acceptable Use Policy of service providers commonly contains clauses warning users against violating international law, which among other matters protects copyright-protected material.

    The UK last week published a consultation document of the European Union Copyright Directive, which critics argue will limit the fair use of copyrighted material, ahead of legislation to bring British laws into line with the controversial policy. The consultation period ends on October 31.

    Although most of the provisions in the Directive apply to technical methods to prevent copyright circumvention, the ISPA spokesman said that ISPs are reviewing their policies ahead of the directive.

    He wasn't sure how many, if any, other ISPs banned P2P applications but it seems that the EU Copyright Directive is a factor pushing them in that direction. ®

    Have you been warned off using P2P apps by BT or any other ISP? Email us with the details.
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    not had any provs so far with a limit
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    By Paul Hillbeck
    Saturday October 6, 2001

    What would your reasons be for having an always-on high-speed service such as ADSL installed? The ability to download files quicker? Then forget it.

    BTopenworld has caused an outrage in the peer-to-peer community, as the ports used by such software as KaZaa, Napster, Morpheus eDonkey are to have their bandwidth restricted according to this announcement in btopenworld.broadband.announce yesterday:

    We manage our network capacity on a daily basis to optimise the Internet experience for our customers, in terms of performance and cost. The network is dimensioned for normal day-to-day Internet use. However, our traffic analysis has shown that a small percentage of customers using P2P applications use up a very large percentage of the available bandwidth, to the detriment of the majority of customers who use the network for normal browsing, e-mail and gaming.

    In response, in the short term we have had to impose traffic controls on particular applications & ports to ensure that our customers retain their great Internet experience. We recognise your concerns on the usability of P2P applications, so are investigating the lifting of these restrictions at off-peak times (e.g. 1:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.), when the network is relatively under-used. In addition, in the near future we will be launching a new service with a network configuration more suitable for particular bandwidth-hungry activities such as peer-to-peer communications, at a price that fairly reflects their usage of the network. Customers will then have a clearer choice of which package is more suitable to their needs.
    Many P2P customers are understandably up in arms at the recent announcement which was announced last night. The statement is even against their own terms and conditions of what was advertised as an ‘unrestricted’ product. No doubt there will be some small print allowing them to do whatever they please.
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    they had a go at doing this a while back didn't they ?
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    ive hear that the 1 gig per day limit on bt openworld is only on recenty signed contracts, ive had adsl fitted since its roll out date and had no problems on the ammount of information i download (which is quite a bit) so it might be worth lookin at the small print befor you sign up for a connection
    just a thought.
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    they are dropping people every day

    7% of customers are using p/peer and are taking alot of the bandwidth - they are now trying to get other providers to drop their 7 to 10% of users that are doing more than they should

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    i signed up when it came to my area,same time it went to 30 quid a month,and most days i have easily had over a gig mainly of irc
    but been using news groups a bit too and not had a prob so must be on recent contracts