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    I have a retail P4 2.53ghz chip package which has heatsync/fan included. The manual says to only apply thermal compound if it has not been pre applied. It also shows an illustration of the "pre-applied themal solution". This seems a little weird, as there was no compound or syringe in the box. Is it as easy as just snapping it into the motherboard????? <---- the manual

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Intel already include a thermal compound that is pre applied to the heatsink. Simply assemble the heatsink retaining mechanism and that is it.
    My 2.53 is running at 29.5°C idle and 41°C under full load using the standard Intel supplied heatsink straight out of the box in a Lian Li case (you can add an extra 10°C if you are using a "standard" steel case).
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