Anyone fancy a job working for M$?

Thread: Anyone fancy a job working for M$?

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    Mookie said:

    Default Anyone fancy a job working for M$?

    Would assume M$ is trying to clamp down on people breaching the XBOX security! Check out this new job they've created :

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    Let me know if you apply and remember to leave a back door in
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    Freaky said:


    Let me know if you apply and remember to leave a back door in

    wouldnt that be cool M$ wouldnt know what the fook was goin on

    one of the things the job entails is

    The candidate will also be responsible for conducting security design reviews on Xbox hardware & software, and will assist in designing hardware detection code fragments to be embedded in future versions of the product
    which will be circumvented anyway so why bother

    Preference is given to those with hardware backgrounds and game hacking knowledge
    I ****in bet they give them preference, they would bite thier hands off to have them work for THEM
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    The Gab said:


    Jeez this link is certainly doing the rounds
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    sonar said:


    Of course, M$'s favorite employees are recruited hackers
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    Danger Mouse said:


    mite sound stupid here guys but if u apply u gonna av 2 hand over details aint ya?

    now surely its not rocket science 2 work out that if u apply 4 a job with M$ n say that ur a xpert in the field ov chipping\modifying there machines at worst theyll take sum1 on and after theyve got there man there left with a list as long as ur arm ov ppl who av openly admited 2 chippin them, therefore ur basically sayin "look i can chip ur x-box so if u dont give me a job u mite aswell arrest me cause im gonna keep doin it"

    sayin all that there may b sum law sayin they cant do that but surely they say they got a "anon tip off"
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    SteveOwen said:


    I don't think its as dodgy as that.
    I reckon its more of a case of MS saying "Errm , could someone please join us and tell us what the furk we can do?........ anyone? "

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    Mystical_2K said:


    yeh its basically - please help us sales of X-Box games are totally $hit and we are blaming piracy - help us please, please, please to find out what is going on with modchips because or engineers are basically just a bunch of tossers who aint got a clue what has happenned - did we mention we are in the $hit - help!!!

    ha ha ha - i hope they lose more than they currently are (if thats possible)
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