need to patch games for beta modchip

Thread: need to patch games for beta modchip

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    msh said:

    Default need to patch games for beta modchip

    how do u patch xbox games to work on beta modchips

    got these

    nfl blitz 2k3

    and there is no patch for them,was told there was a guide
    on newsgroups that told u how to alter them to make them
    work but cant find it

    anyone got patches or the guide to edit it?
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    Thread moved to mod disussion, homebrew ain't quite right place.

    Ok the Beta check can be removed using ADR Xbox Patcher 1.1 you just simply browse to the *.ISO and press Patch and if the game needs a beta fix, it will do it. Then just write back out with Primo.

    to get the tool register for downloads at [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] using a valid email address as you will be sent a password for downloads.

    On there you'll find other beta mod patches as games like Deathrow do not currently get fixed right due to multiple xbe.

    We'll be updating the tool to handle that soon hopefully.
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    donty said:


    if release by csiso then
    apply patch
    check for patch
    end if