how many trys did it take you to pass your driving test ?

Thread: how many trys did it take you to pass your driving test ?

  1. jjcool's Avatar

    jjcool said:

    Default how many trys did it take you to pass your driving test ?

    hi guys,

    well my driving test is in 2 weeks (2nd attempt)
    so i have posted this topic, as i need any advice etc

    so could you please leave your answers,

    1, how many trys did it take you to pass,

    2, what did you fail on

    3, any hints on the next attempt

  2. marcode's Avatar

    marcode said:


    i passed second time... ****ed it up first time on, ooo fook.. so many things, the **** had failed me in the first 5 minutes for emergency braking... he said it wasnt prompt enuff... WTF?? anyhow.. also got minors for all sorts of other shit too... so that was that attemp down the pan.. its very disheartening to fail ur driving test, i felt like crap for a few hours, not cos i failed, but cos i had to bloody pay to take it again...

    second time i sat it, during the lesson beforehand, i was forgetting all sorts of simple shit, and was begginin to loose my nerve a bit, i thot i was gonna **** it up again cos i ****ed up all the manuvers royally during the lesson....

    but then the test started and thankfullly it was a different bloke from the fat **** who failed me the first time... then i went on to pass with only 2 minors... was quite chuffed with that since i had gotten a serious, and christ, was like 10 minors or sommat the first time..

    i read about some poor **** in the paper the other day, he passed his test on the 16th attempt... thats the highest number of attempts on the DVLA's records... so as long as u dont fook it up 16 times.. ur still not the worst
  3. BigBadDog's Avatar

    BigBadDog said:


    2nd time m8 ,1st time i failed with flying colours , failing the 1st time is not a bad thing as you are more relaxed the 2nd time
  4. Known's Avatar

    Known said:


    2nd time here too
  5. ABCMan's Avatar

    ABCMan said:


    1st time the day after my 17th birthday (but i'd been having a couple of years practice beforehand)

    got up at 9am had a 1 hour lesson ending at the test center, met parents there (didnt have own car), took test in mothers datsun 120y (god that shows how long ago it was) passed, drove home and "celebrated" with a special cigarette and half a bottle of vodka, then slept till it was time for the clubs in the evening

    oh those were the days
  6. shadygeezer's Avatar

    shadygeezer said:


    I passed second time too m8 its true more relaxed second time
    good luck
    Smile it's the second best thing you can do with your lips:D :D :D
    I'd walk a mile for one of your smiles and even
    farther for that thing you do with your tongue.
  7. Robbie Vox's Avatar

    Robbie Vox said:


    1st time for me

    <b> PS, Dont ask XDAM </b> lol
  8. BM's Avatar

    BM said:


    I passed 1st time. I leant all through the summer but when it came to the test it started pissing down. I had to work out how to close the sun roof cos we were both getting soaked while I was driving. Then all the windows started to steam up so I fumbled around with the blowers then ended up just opening my window.

    I still passed although I had a soaking wet arm!!

  9. 2die4's Avatar

    2die4 said:


    all the best drivers past 2nd time round! *L*

    I passed on my 2nd attempt, failed the first one on reverse parking and not enough observation. I'm sure you've heard this before from everyone who has ever failed a driving test but the driving examiner was a right f**cking tw@t !
  10. gimp's Avatar

    gimp said:


    I ain't saying how many tests but lets just say I had quite a few tw@t driving examiners.

  11. gunner's Avatar

    gunner said:


    2nd time... All the best drivers pass 2nd time
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  12. stimpy's Avatar

    stimpy said:


    2nd time And I drove worse than I did the first.

    It was the middle of Winter about 7 years ago and the roads were covered in ice. I spent most of the time skidding sideways.

    God knows how I passed bit I did
  13. wizer's Avatar

    wizer said:


    i failed my first 2.. aint taken me 3rd yet
  14. ZX7R's Avatar

    ZX7R said:


    Passed Driving Test on my first go at 17 years of age.
    4 years later I pass first time on my direct access Motorcycle test.

  15. 4me2's Avatar

    4me2 said:


    4 days before my 18th birthday I passed my dual test thats normal car and HGV and it didnt cost a penny as it was all paid for by the british tax payer. The only drawback was the six year contract I signed that went with it.
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  16. xdam's Avatar

    xdam said:


    i have my 4th test coming up next tuesday, i've been failed for going too fast, too slow and pulling out (f-cking taxi driver flashed me)

    bastards they just fail so they get more cash.
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  17. baggy13's Avatar

    baggy13 said:


    ist time i fcuked up early on in my first test so for the rest of the test the presure was off when he told me id passed i nearly died
  18. Nookie_Bear's Avatar

    Nookie_Bear said:


    I almost killed someone on my only test and they still passed me, always wondered what the **** you have to do to fail

    I signalled to overtake some parked cars, and there was an opening on the right, so some old guy reckons, that even though I'm still doing 30mph, I'm gonna turn and walks out.
    Emergency stop, thought I'd failed so got 5 minors after that.

    ****ing shocked when i was told i passed
  19. Woops's Avatar

    Woops said:
    1st time for me, just after 17th birthday. Felt sorry for the examiner. I took the test in my own newly acquired Mini 850 which I had "tastefully" hand painted black ( you could atually see the brush marks :o: ). I had also applied a nice offset red stripe over the roof and bonnet and painted my wheels gold !! LOL - the things you think look cool when you're 17
    Mind you it was the early 80's. My Mates christened it "The Black Magic Box" - They reckoned it looked like the box of chocolates and it was definately driven by one !!:bleh:
  20. WTD's Avatar

    WTD said:


    Passed test first time, and passed motorcycle DAS first time too!

    Had a mate pass his driving test with 0 minors!!