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    Does this seem like a good deal- [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] Free Installation of a Dish Network System and up to Four Receivers.*
    Your first month of service is FREE!*
    Optional Digital Personal Video Recorder! (see "programming packages")
    PVR records 35 hrs of your favorite shows without tapes! ZAP Commercials! PAUSE/REWIND/REPLAY Live TV!
    Dish Network In Home Service Plan Included.
    Plans available for up to 6 rooms!
    Over 256 channels of digital quality available.
    Sign up for one year's worth of service from Dish Network (as low as $27.99 per month).
    Simply provide a credit card number for automatic billing of your monthly service.
    A Dish Network Installer will come to your home and install a new system for FREE!

    No equipment to buy. You can even upgrade to a Personal Video Recorder worth $499 if you had to buy one!

    Existing or previous Dish Network Subscribers are not eligible for this promotion.
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    rolfw said:


    No good, they won't install in my area.

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    Pongo said:


    The buggers won't do my area either
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    chernobyl said:


    They will do my area..hmm*

    /:*= big big lie.
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    drfelix said:


    isnt this for abroad only (like usa)???
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    stevo25 said:


    yes i believe its for the yanks