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    The GC Website reports that Steven Soderbergh talked about the sequel in an interview to a Norwegian newspaper recently: "I know we can make a better film than Ocean's Eleven. I've been playing with ideas in my head, but nothing is materialised. I know we'll shoot in Europe and that all actors are in on it". Will the actors get better pay? "Quite the opposite. I'll make a sequel that'd be cheaper to make than the first one. The actors took large pay cuts to make the first one, this time they work for free. And none of them has protested against that". Shooting is loosely scheduled for 2004.
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    it'll be interesting if that comes about since ocean's 11 was a remake in the first place...

    wonder if they'll come up with something original now?

    got to admit I loved Ocean's 11 though.
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    never saw it but i doubt they'll make a sequel. Never know though
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    i have heard that a sequel is in the making (i think some program on cable was on about it) but i thought oceans 11 was a great film
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    Im gonna bring out Morph's 13 before hand and cash in on this game