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    The IMDb reports that Scottish actor Robert Carlyle looks not only interested in reprising the Begbie role from 1996's "Trainspotting", but will take a major pay cut in order to be a part of it. Irvine Welsh's sequel novel "Porno" is about to be published and film adaptation talk is at an all time high. Carlyle says "It depends on the development of the character, on where Begbie has gone. Jail probably. Normally, the salaries would exceed the budge but I'd do it for very little if we could get that same feeling back again. It would have to be Danny Boyle directing, nobody else. If a script of the quality as Trainspotting comes out of this, that would be great".
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    would be a good filum
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    If it's gonna happen, I spotted somewhere that Welsh wants different actors taking over the roles. Here's a link to the first chapter if you're interested.

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    the book porno is absolutely first class

    couldnt put it down, was up till 8am reading it....

    wicked sequel