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    Anyone know of any import shops that deal with kitted up escalades. Isaw one in the statesand tey are really nice once there done up. Or even a place in the states that kits them up apart from 310 tuning.

    You may be thinking why i want to get an american peice of jusnk and my reasoning is that its different, everyone has a x5 lexus or merc jeep these days band i think this one looks different and is above the rankings in americas tests
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    Can't help m8, Sorry. I'm sure someone here has knowlege of imports though.
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    Well m8 i thought the same!! I watch MTV Base alot and all the Gangster Rappers have them!! With 20" chrome rims and the sounds to go with it

    They are very nice but im not sure where you could get one from!! why not get in contact with cadillac (sorry for shite spelling here if i spelt it wrong) as there the compny who makes escalades!!
    If u tell them ur from the u.k and want one i dont suppose they will refuse to sell u one and to try and arrange something!!

    They have a web site so email them and see how it goes!!
    If u get it please post some pics as i would love to see it