Women Drivers!!! UNREAL!!!!

Thread: Women Drivers!!! UNREAL!!!!

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    Morph said:

    Default Women Drivers!!! UNREAL!!!!


    This reminds my when the missus wants to borrow the car, errmmmm..........

    how about a big fat ****ing NO!!

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    gunner said:


    They should be banned from the outside lane of motorways and banned from driving in rush hour.
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    biggy7 said:


    and yet their insurance is cheap
  4. stimpy's Avatar

    stimpy said:


    Naah, they should be banned from driving

    Love the parking in Paris one, nearly done it myself over there, all the car parks are underground and look just like it
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    chevyuk said:


  6. Cam's Avatar

    Cam said:


    chevy nice pic m8 i cant think wot went tho there head when they parked?

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    Mark_1983 said:


    LOL great pics!

    One things gets me about woman, the fact that nearly all dont take the correct lane and check whats next to them before they change lane around an island, I have lost count the number of times that some bitch in a punto or corsa has cut me up around an island causing me to slam on the brakes and shout ****ING BITCH.

    Also woman should be totally banned from the motorway, everytime i use it there is some bimbo doing 40 changing into my lane scaring the shit out of me and causing me to brake harsh.

    I think all woman should be given free bus tickets in an attempt to keep them from behind the the wheel
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    n0k1a said:


    it makes you think!

    its very odd how ppl can do that with cars
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    Mercedes1 said:

    Default OYE

    Give you a race anyday :signs:
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    bean_2k1 said:


    lol nice pictures guys
  11. Epiphany's Avatar

    Epiphany said:


    they should give her a medal for getting the car into that position
  12. the_wizzard's Avatar

    the_wizzard said:


    women drivers are ****ing dangerous, how they get licences i just dont know,do they still have lucky bags in shops??? i have seen lots just lately driving really fast through small roads, looking at everything but the road(usually blonde) what worries me is they know how to put there foot down but dont know what to do when quick reaction is needed(except cry) ****ing lame bitches im always giving my bird stick but i have to say she is ok and agrees with me as shes seen and had lots of probs with other women drivers but i think even she dont react quick enough to danger,it scares me especially with all those dickhead 18y old drug runners bombing around in there fast cars who are just as bad except they just dont give a ****!! get out and run is all they know