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    i have 2 pc with tv out on i have try to pluging it in my tv AV on the front of me tv from the graphics card and i cant to see anything at all.

    I dont think its the leads any ideas ??
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    Gavin M said:


    got the same prob on me g force 3
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    check if its a input ur sticking it into or an out put that all wyas helps i ave done this with mi ge force 2 and a (ge force 4 on s-vid)
    u need to set it up right click on ur desktop and go to properties then ya settings then advanded then theres a place to use twin viewin or summit im a little rusty when i get ome i will sort it out and post but its in that area

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    bean_2k1 said:


    can i use my monitor and tv at the sametime
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    yeah use TWIN view. from memory im typing this:

    after settings, choose advanced and twin view

    then i think theres an auto detection of output devices. click it and ur tv should flicker. then you can choose output device 2 as TV and use NTSC signal its much better.

    hope it helps beanie if u need help i might b able to show u next tuesday
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    There is a Program called TV Tool you can use to swith from monitor to TV. Some GFX cards allow you to use both TV and monitor at the same time (like ATI Cards). but yeah if u go to display properties and then advanced and device selection you can choose between tv and mon
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    You might have to plug in your telly/vcr and leave it turned on, then reboot the PC, I had to do this with my Radeon under 98 anyway (2000 lets me turn TV out on/off at will)