How do I install an OS without a CDROM ?

Thread: How do I install an OS without a CDROM ?

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    Default How do I install an OS without a CDROM ?

    I've managed to get hold of a couple of Compaq Small form PC's but they are without CDROM units and because they only take a slimline drive unit it wont be possible to install a regular cdrom.

    So the question is, What is the best way for me to get an OS and programs loaded onto them because they are both currently formatted.

    Would the best option be putting the HDD into another machine that DOES have a CDROM and installing everything from there and then putting the HDD back into the Compaq ?

    Any help would be muchly appreciated !

    Thanks in advance.............

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    Thats not an option really m8, not unless the machine you use to install the OS onto is the exact same spec as the 2 compaq's which I'm guessing it ain't.

    Personally, in your situation I'd take the 2 machines covers off and attach a cd-rom to the an ide channel and install from there, then when you've finished installing just detach the cd-rom and put the covers back on.
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    I would go the CD-Rom route.

    Other wise copy the whole O/S CD onto another Harddrive and run the install program from the second Hard Drive.

    As CzarJunkie says you can't really put a hard Drive in that the O/S has already been installed using a different machine as all the drivers will be messed up.
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    Thanks for the help guys, gonna give it a go at the weekend.

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    Format the driver

    Connect either a HDD or Network cable to it and just copy the files over. The ninstall whatever os of ur hard drive
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    buy windows 95 on floppies, theres about 30 of the disks
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    Whats the point in buying? might as well just compress the OS u got to disk and span it across a load of them and copy them to ur hd
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    best way nowadays is thru USB, nice and fast!