Upgrading software on a Nokia 8850 ?

Thread: Upgrading software on a Nokia 8850 ?

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    Default Upgrading software on a Nokia 8850 ?

    I read someplace that it is possible to upgrade some Nokia 8210 (depending on the ROM or version or something like that) with the Nokia 8250 software so that you get the extra options like screensavers and chat etc. Or is that a crock ?

    Anyway, I just dusted off my old Nokia 8850 to use with a pay as you go sim and was wondering if it's possible to flash/upgrade the software on the phone to that of a 8250 since the 8850 and 8210 or more or less the same phones I think.

    Ok so I did the *#0000# test on my phone and got the following details:

    V 5.16

    Anyone got any ideas ?

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    Yes, it is possible on 8850 also, although you will lose the active keypad.
    However, the same rule applies... you must have a ROM6 phone.
    You can check it with a datacable and Rolis NokTool, Eeprom Tools or similar, but I can tell you from experience that v5.16 will be too old to be ROM6.

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    OK, think I'll give it a miss even if I could since I don't want to lose the active keypad. Cheers for your help RudeYute