Memorable RNumber plates?

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    Memorable Number plates?

    Best plate I ever saw was on a 911 which I'd been watching in my mirror as it raced up the outside lane. I only just managed to catch the plate as it passed, don't know what the combination of letters and numbers were but it read IM OFF. Or AM OFF , something like that, which was pretty fitting. Anothe one was on a nice electric blue metalic VW Golf Convertable and used to be seen in a town we went to at weekends near here. The plate read PEN 1S and was always driven by a girl, which made us wonder what she did for a living! Never did get the chance to ask her though cos she was always passing, never stopped. Any of you remember any notable ones? Or are lucky enough to own one?
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    I once saw "adios" on a 911 when i was a lad . I cant for the life of me wonder how it was made up , but AD 105 was my bet .

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    i saw "3 KOF" on a 911 when i was younger,

    i wonder where "4 KOF" is :
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    A Merc round here has the plate 'W4NKA'.
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    theres a polo gtti in leeds with P10NKA and he cud well be one