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    "Datel have confirmed that the Freeloader has been delayed further, however all fears that the product has been canned have been quashed. It appears that the product is in the late stages of development and should be ready to ship any day. Read here [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]"
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    yeah thats right months and months of waiting and still its not ready, personally i think nintendo wont let them release it cus it will screw up the market, jap and usa sales will go thru the roof and uk/europe sales will drop therefore making companies who only produce games for the uk and europe stop making gamecube games. thats IMO anyway.
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    yeah but that page also states

    Q: So when are the products being released?

    A: The products will only be released when they're ready and we are 100% happy with them. If you want to use the FreeLoader feature, do not buy any import game titles until a "NOW SHIPPING" announcement has been posted on the front page of or you may be disappointed.
    so by this don't they mean that it might not get released and thats why they are saying do not by any import games until now shipping actually appears on the site
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    its a lie, its been ready for ages (in fact it was almost complete when they announced it) all the hard work was completed before they could start to mention it, can you imagine how dumb they would have looked if they had announced it, then discovered they couldnt actualy make such a thing.