cant connect with flash fxp

Thread: cant connect with flash fxp

  1. theskid's Avatar

    theskid said:

    Default cant connect with flash fxp

    keep getting connection refused

    what port u use
    dont know much about networking but evox picks up a connection
    and i have followed the tutorial on xbox scene

    if someone could help

    my msn login is
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  2. Aido's Avatar

    Aido said:


    you are using the right ip - the one that evo x reports it is using?

    can you ping the ip??
  3. arrid's Avatar

    arrid said:


    You have put in a user/pass right? (if you're using the new evox)

    it's xbox/xbox by default
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    capt_peo said:


    set the xbox on static ip, the xbox's gateway has to be the pcd ip address