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    Just though id create a thread for arsenal fans, which ill put stats in and where we can talk about the best team in the premiership

    Todays Match:

    Charlton 0-3 Arsenal

    The records are tumbling as fast as Arsenal's odds to win the title.

    While Manchester United's woes continue, their plight is made even more uncomfortable by the stark contrast with the Gunners' imperious start to the season.

    Arsene Wenger's side displayed ruthless efficiency as they hit Charlton three times on the break at The Valley with strikes of the highest quality by Thierry Henry, Sylvain Wiltord and Edu.

    After setting a whole host of records last season, they thereby eclipsed Manchester City's 66-year-old mark of scoring in 44 consecutive top-flight games.

    As a result, United are now already six points off the pace after just six games and with a potential midfield injury crisis to boot.

    Arsenal, meanwhile, simply go from strength to strength, with Sol Campbell in assured form and Patrick Vieira making a mockery of his claims to be exhausted with another commanding display.

    Up front, Henry and Wiltord, who scored his sixth goal of the season, can punish the slightest defensive lapse.

    And for all of their endeavour, Charlton never came close to matching their opponents' finishing prowess and were beaten by the same margin as last season.

    Wenger's side were under pressure early on, but Jonatan Johansson just failed to connect with a mishit volley by Chris Bart-Williams, while Kevin Lisbie headed wide and then shot straight at David Seaman.

    In what was fast becoming a scrappy encounter, there was a brief spat between rival full-backs Luke Young and Ashley Cole that led to a ticking-off from referee Steve Dunn.

    Cole, however, had lost his cool so, at the next possible opportunity, he attempted to hack Young to the ground and was duly booked.

    Arsenal nevertheless finally started to impose themselves, with Ivory Coast international midfielder Kolo Toure making an encouraging full debut

    It was not until the 31st minute that either keeper had a save of any note to make, with Dean Kiely parrying a fierce volley by Wiltord after Dennis Bergkamp had picked him out at the far post.

    However, while Jason Euell headed narrowly wide after rising above Martin Keown, Arsenal retain that priceless ability to strike on the break.

    Just before the break, Bergkamp crossed for Henry to strike a superb first-time shot just inside the post and the ball had nestled in the back of the net before Kiely had time to react.

    It was rather harsh on Charlton, who had acquitted themselves well in containing the double-winners and posed enough threats of their own to expose Keown on several occasions.

    However, Arsenal were straight back on the offensive after the restart, with Toure striking the base of the post with a first-time shot from a cross by Wiltord, who was also again denied by Kiely.

    Charlton did rally briefly, with Euell placing one effort wide and seeing a cross-shot just escape the finishing touch of Johansson.

    Wenger's response to that spell of Charlton pressure was to take off Toure and replace him with Edu. Just over a minute later, the move paid off handsomely.

    Edu showed great vision and precision to pick out Vieira as the Frenchman made a storming run through the centre.

    Having drawn keeper Kiely towards him, Vieira slipped a pass sideways to the unmarked figure of Wiltord and, having controlled the ball, he picked his spot and finished adeptly.

    Charlton boss Alan Curbishley brought on Radostin Kishishev and Mathias Svensson with 10 minutes left but his decision to take off Euell was roundly booed by the home crowd.

    It was still Arsenal who posed the greatest threat, however, and while Henry missed the chance to punish Kiely for being lured out of his goal, Edu rounded off the scoring late on.

    Henry was the instigator, delivering a pin-point cross onto the head of the Brazilian, who guided the ball over Kiely's head.

    While Edu had another effort ruled out for offside, Arsenal were home and dry. They are already odds-on to regain their title and, on this evidence, those odds could soon fall even further.


    Charlton: Kiely, Young, Fortune, Rufus, Powell, Lisbie, Bart-Williams (Kishishev 74), Jensen, Robinson, Euell (Svensson 74), Johansson (Blomqvist 67).

    Subs Not Used: Rachubka, Fish.

    Arsenal: Seaman, Luzhny, Keown, Campbell, Cole, Wiltord (Cygan 85), Vieira, Silva, Toure (Edu 65), Bergkamp (Kanu 71), Henry.

    Subs Not Used: Shaaban, Jeffers.

    Booked: Keown, Cole, Luzhny.

    Goals: Henry 44, Wiltord 67, Edu 88.

    Att: 26,080

    Ref: S Dunn (Avon).


    3 Shots On Target 8
    6 Shots Off Target 2
    8 Fouls (Conceded) 13
    1 Corners 6
    0 Yellow Cards 3
    0 Red Cards 0
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    my vies on the arsenal thread.......

    they can f00k emselves.......arrogant french cunts!!

    spit* spit*
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    Originally posted by webslinger2k
    my vies on the arsenal thread.......

    they can f00k emselves.......arrogant french cunts!!

    spit* spit*

    LOL... seems there ain't many Arsenal Fans on ere... Only 2 replies so far & we ain't Arse(n)hole supporters....
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    Inamoto is class but Wenger ousted him as he's not french!!

    "e weel avvvv tooo beee a frenchee too play for dis teem!"
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    Do I detect sour grapes??????

    Inamotos class, but think he was considerred not pyshically strong enough to be in the Arsenal team.

    Webslinger, how many french players do you have in your team?
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    Originally posted by PSXRing

    Webslinger, how many french players do you have in your team?

    they are the only french men in my team.

    you could count


    if u wanted to be pedantic

    and then even

    Le Tallac

    as they have signed for us and will arrive end of season too!!

    so we aint got as many as you still.
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    unfookin belivable is all I have to say about this season so far, if we get past november unbeaten I do not belive we will lose the title, pool and manu have different problems to solve before the euro league starts and that is where the title will be decided.

    BTW if this is how we will struggle without two of our most influential players I feel sorry for yall when they both return within three three weeks
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    YOU were Lucky against West Ham though, very lucky
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    Default whats luck gota do with it

    not luck pure skill an self confidence in our ability to kick ass in the PL, west ham would be top of the league if they put performances like that in every week but we dealt with them with a T Henry wonder goal and the record goes on Wiltord finaly exploding with the @rse, I dont think luck had much to do with it
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    blackmale, I reccon they are lookin a bit green with envy!

    I know were gunna be champions again this year, manu u - kiss my ass!
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    redarmy said:

    This thread................

    Is a fcuking waste of bandwith if you ask me ..............................
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    Oh dear..... envy doesnt suit some of you Manc/Pool boys.

    First champions league fixture and we manage to beat the winners of the Bundersleague.

    Hafia, had never heard of them...... thought initially they were a Greek side. I`m sure if Man Utd want another win my pub team will be agreeable to a fixture.

    P.s. Webslinger, name the French players in your team? Then turn around and look at your manager, which nationality is he? Can`t really criticise players for being French when the person holding the `Pool rains is the same nationality. A big doh! there me thinks.
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    Default ..................................

    Originally posted by PSXRing
    First champions league fixture and we manage to beat the winners of the Bundersleague.
    If you did'nt know my wayward friend this is the champions league your bound to beat the champions of some league or other:rolls: ....................................
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    PSXRing said:


    Yep, but we could have ended up with similar results to Newcastle and Liverpool........

    Think the win against the Bundersleague is a higher achievement than beating some piddly Israeli team.
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    redarmy said:

    Default We play........................

    Who we draw against m8. I am sure had you drawn them in your group you would have been overjoyed and these piddly teams as you describe them are more than capable of causing upsets ask Leverkusens manager..............................
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    I don't care what all the Gooner's say Arsenal are lucky *******s... They may be good, but a few times this season already, right near the end, they get that LUCKY GOAL... Jammy ****ers, they are the old Manc Utd... They used to do that all the time, now it's Arse(n)hole who are doing it...
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    Sour grapes hey boys!

    Lucky, na.... i`d call it more like putting in the effort and playing for the win. Arsenal always get better in the second half - could be a question of fitness with the other teams.

    Just because Man Utd cant score in open play against credible opposition, no need to get nasty. lol.

    Leverkusen were a small team, however if memory serves me right we managed to beat them.............

    The true test will be our away form in Europe this years.

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    I don't even Support Manc Utd mate, so i couldn't give a toss... I ain't denying Arsenal ain't Good, I'm just saying what they're doing now, is what Manc used to do...
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    Think the thing which provided Man Utd with the results, and made them extremely successful was they played extremely well as a team...... something that is now happenning with Arsenal.

    Man Utd are now having problems because of overconfidence, and have the creeping suspicion that its more a group of individuals - who as Roy Keane has pointed out are more concerned about earnings, and posessions than the football on the pitch.