booting OSs????

Thread: booting OSs????

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    sdss said:

    Default booting OSs????


    I have 2 hard disks

    each with XP Pro

    BUT I want to be able to select which one to boot up on start up

    any ideas of what program is best to use (I don't want to mess about with partitions etc - just want to leave each they way they are)

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    SheepShager said:


    You can do it in the bios by selecting boot from ide0 or ide1.
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    sdss said:


    cheers m8

    but would be a bit of a pain having to constantly go to the bios to change

    (its really for 2 separate users - if one f#cks up the other HD is fine )

    and its on RAID too (just not mirroring or anything) - but i'll sort that easily enough (hopefully)

    anyone else got any ideas?
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    cosmicma said:


    there is a way by booting from you xp cd and instead of choosing install choose repair (not automated repair) and after putting your admin and password in you are put at a dos prompt
    type help and you will be given a list of commands i think the one you are looking for is bootfix ( something like that ) if you just type boot fix it will list some options to type with it

    i'm not sure of the commands but somwhere along the line you can add another xp os to the boot menu so have a look this might be what your looking for
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