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    Ok so youve reset your UK videogrd card with the big 3E. Then youve re-activated it. Thats the easy part. What I want to know is- Upon re-activation how do you get the card to accept a 48 4c cmd(ird No) of 00 00 00 00 ? Is there a bit need setting first ? I would appreciate any info from someone with the same interest.
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    Put your card in your box, goto services menu.

    Press "system setup"
    Press 0, 1 select
    Press 6 "new installation"

    The box will say something like...

    "Make sure dish is alligned and viewing card is in box."
    Press select to continue.

    Box will say "scanning channels" then "line up complete"

    Press select to continue

    The message will then say "check telephone line is connected"
    Press select to retry <------ No need to press

    -------> Press BACKUP to report installation manually <-------

    You will get a message like "installation failed" Modem not connected...Call the broadcaster to report the installation

    Press select to continue.

    Your box should now choose the "sky demo channel" by default and your card should have IRD number on your card.

    The IRD serial number will not be the same as the one you will see in your "system details" menu. If you read the IRD number back through your programmer, the IRD number appears in hexedecimal...

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    Sorry m8,

    Re-read your post...I thought that you wanted to re-marry your card. Will have a look how to set the IRD number to 00 00 00 00 after activation.

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    Hello guys sorry this is a bit of topic but could you
    PLEASE explain what programmer and software i need
    to read and program my sly digi card.
    I have been searching the internet and forums for months
    with no sucess and its cracking me up because when things
    start to look promising i end up with nothing.
    I know a hack exists but as i said i end up at a deadend
    Please guys help me PLEASE PM me THANK YOU Polo
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    Rumours suggest new cards are imminent.

    Page 51 of the latest mag allegedly.

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    PoloSolo - Dont think my original post is anything to do with the hacking of sly, I am simply messing with a FTV card. AFAIK there is no hack for sly and there is no "programmer" for sly cards.
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    Shwartz when you say you are just messing around with
    a FTV card could you explain PLEASE what software and
    hardware are you using to do this THANX for your reply
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    is it possible to clone your original S*y card to a FTA BB* one. The reason that i ask this is because if this was possible why could we not unmarry it from the original STB and remarry it to another STB in say the bedroom and share the dish between the 2 STB boxes.