The West Brom above Man U...well well well

Thread: The West Brom above Man U...well well well

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    brumbino said:

    Default The West Brom above Man U...well well well

    Well well well....

    To all those cokernee media types who poo pooed the Baggies....look at this!

    I know to misquote BFR (Big Fat Ron) it's early doors, but all the soothsayers like Danny Bakerbollox and Rodney Marshmellowhead all reckoned we would score no points and be down by Chrimbo...

    Read it and weep Ethel and and Dot!
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    clarky said:


    Even Birmingham City are above them now too:

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    ABCMan said:


    its like the pop charts, after some time the former number one slips another place to number ten

    The way scum are playing at the moment i bet there isnt a team in the league that dosent fancy their chances, It must be heartbreaking for fans of scum to see such an expensive team who seem to have forgotton how to play.

    The question i would ask now is this. if scum fall apart that badly without keane and with beckham as captain, do you tink its a reflection of beckhams ability to lead and should england look for a new captain (and i dont mean owen)?
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    dave208 said:


    well done to west brom... but come back after say 30 games and lets see where you are then - not above united thats for sure.

    talk of fall of an empire and all that after a handful of games? its like when they sack a manager after 7 games of the new season.

    manchester united - the religion.
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    PSXRing said:


    Read that last time Man Utd had a season start that was this bad.... they ended up getting relegated.

    We can but hope!
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    xdam said:


    man utd will bounce back with a 15 game winning spree or something mad like that

    i don't think beckham is playing well at all (is he over rated?) every time i saw him the other week he was giving the ball away

    what was the thinking in bringing off natrual born goal scorer ruud for diego 'i can't score in a brothel' forlan when they badly needed a goal?
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