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    A policeman on horseback is at a traffic light and next to him is a 11yr old kid on his bike. The policeman smiles down at the kid and says, "Nice bike you got there. Santa bring that to you?"

    The kid looks up and says, "Yeah."
    The policeman says, "Tell Santa next year to put a taillight on that bike."
    The kid says, "Nice horse you got there. Did Santa bring that to you?"
    The policeman laughs and plays along, "Sure did."
    The kid says,"Well, tell Santa next year to put the dick underneath the horse, not on top."
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    lol N1
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    that is unbeleivably harsh, but still LOL
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    lolool thats class nice 1 m8

    :signs: :
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    un expetped lol

    (17:18:34) (+Cam) i need to mount my xbox hdd in linux
    (17:19:02) (+SpikeWork) youth of today, they'll mount anything